Giddy & Excited

The last few days have been a whirlwind to say the least.  It feels like so much has happened, and its only the beginning.  We made an offer on the house today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its been really wonderful and strange how everything up to this point has just fallen into place.  Like pieces to a puzzle.  And the moments we thought we didnt have the right piece, it was just the one next to it.  And then it fit!  It almost feels like we have been led to this house.  I cant really explain it.  And I feel like my mom is with us through this.  I know she would be soooo happy to be here during this time in our lives in real life, but I feel like she is here right by our side helping us along the way.  I think she is working her little angel magic right now in a big big way!

I have a feeling that the next few weeks to few months, may be out of this world crazy.  So bare with me if I go absent, or just plain nuts and crazy!  ha ha.  It might happen!  And I hope to keep myself sane enough through it all to continue making new pretties and adding stuff to the shop.  One day at a time.  And I know this is all Ive been talking about lately, probably pretty boring, but its the biggest thing next to marrying my boy that Ive ever done!!!  But if it really happens and all goes right, I truly believe so many good things will come of being in this house.  It is going to be a magical transformation, in our lives, in our hearts, and who knows, maybe even with Violet Bella & Skyline Fever!!!  More room means, more organized and less stressful creating space and time!!!  Oh my gosh I cannot wait!

So... this does not mean it is ours yet.  It is still just the beginning part of the process.  But we did sign about 10+ pages today stating we are wanting to go through with it!  Ive been warned that the hard part is just around the corner, and we will be mobbed with phone calls and paper work.  We will just have to breathe and take it one step at a time.  My grandparents came up today to look at the house and they both approve!!!  Which meant so much to me.

Big big day tomorrow getting ready for the garage sale & filling orders.  If you didnt see my last post about my sale, you must go check it out, 25% off on all of my best best stuff!  I added over 20 more items this morning!!!