Life. Daydreaming. Pretties. Plans.

I cannot believe that yet another month is almost come and gone again.  Everyday for the past month I have spent most likely half of those hours daydreaming about our house.  I got tired of waiting for my tax guy, and was recommended by a friend to just do them myself, at least to get a rough estimate number for a pre-approval, since you dont need the real deal for that part.  I have been checking my email just about every hour this week!  So now, the numbers are out there and it is in the hands of math to let us know if we can even be pre-approved for this little dream home.  The sad part is, for a self employed person, they average your last two years income... and last year, I was just starting my business and had to buy alot of supplies to get started, so my income was almost 0.  Not even joking!  So, even though I did well this year, on paper it will look like I did half of what I really did!  Im so worried this is what is going to keep us from getting it.  Sucks so bad to know that I am such a hard worker and have the success to prove it, but in the end, the math is what matters.

Aside from the house news... Im so glad spring is starting to happen.  It doesnt look like it yet, but it is starting to feel like it.  I was able to wear a tshirt, skirt and legwarmers the other day and it was delightful!  I love the versatility of my hubby's stylish tee's...  this birdie one is a long tunic and I love wearing it over leggings, but it looks great tucked in a skirt too!  And Im quite obsessed with my striped Mountain Girl Clothing leg warmers.  That girl makes my legs very very happy!

I added a few more goodies to the shop this morning.  This style of earrings Ive had in my shop forever, but made them in a few more color schemes.  Love them!  I love the color combo of the new locket, and the Henna Hand necklace is just gorgeous!!!

And are these not the cutest little nesting dolls ever???  There is a dark blue one too.  They are wooden and look just like a real little Matryoshka doll!  Love...

So far Ive got almost everything priced for the garage sale this weekend.  Still have some things to go through yet.  We have bags and piles all over the house!  Cant wait to get it all out of here.  It feels really good to be cleaning out also.  There is a letting go that must take place when getting rid of stuff.

I have a long to do list of work related stuff still to do in the next day or so.  And in the middle of it all, Im determined to stay on top of my working out and eating right.  Today I made myself veggie pasta salad that I can munch on for a few days, it was soooo yummy!  And now that it is made, I wont have an excuse when I dont feel like taking the extra time to cook.  That is my biggest problem.  I get overwhelmed with what I am doing during the day, that I eat whatever is quick and easy.  It is time to change that!

Since it is getting close to the end of the month, I will be having a few guest posts from my awesome sponsors!!!  Go check them all out, they wouldnt be there if I didnt love them.  I think I wont have any for this next month, so I dont overload myself.  And I know I said I wasnt going to, but I just may have some paid sponsor spots starting in April.  So if you think you would like to be on the list send me a message!