Style Feature: Chelsea Marie Foss

There is a girl, who works at our favorite coffee shop in the hillcountry, Spirit Wind Jave, and her name is Chelsea Marie Foss.  The first time I saw I sort of fell in love with her style.  I could tell we came from parallel parts of the world.  Have you ever felt that just by seeing someones personal style?  I love that little feeling, especially when you dont know the person.  Which is why personal style can tell so much about a person... Anyway, upon going in there several times, we have chatted with her a bit and found out that she writes and sings her own music & plays guitar and the ukalele.  Sometimes I put on her tunes and just let them play, but if you really listen to hers words, you will get some good chuckles!  She writes alot about real daily life, its cute, quirky, at times sad and at times sweet.

I asked Chelsea to do a little guest post on her personal style, so here we go!

Q:  Where are your favorite places to shop?

A:  I love going to thrift stores, I like to make a whole day of it. I can linger in one thrift store for hours. Nothing feels better than finding something you never could have dreamed up yourself, for only one dollar. 

Q: What would you consider your personal style?

A: I'm not sure about my personal style. It's been a hundred different things as I've grown up. I guess I really enjoy looking lady-like. I haven't owned pants for a long, long time. Skirts and dresses and frills get me going, but I also like plaid and combat boots and torn things. I wear a lot of weird vintage, and I'm often inspired by the past when I do my hair. I've always had super bad vision, so my glasses are forced to become a part of my "style". Right now they are huge and red. I'm ready to get a pair of cat-eye glasses with rhinestones. Been dreaming about those. 

Q:  What are your thoughts on individuality and being true to yourself?

A:  I went through some deep bouts of depression from age 15 to age 19. I was so self conscious and worried about how I fit with everyone that I often made horrible blind decisions, which escalated my anxiety. I was hospitilized and even after that I was anxious and constantly doubting myself. Just recently I have attained a "real happiness" that I'm sure stems from finally banishing the evil self doubt. Of course I still have doubts and worries, but I'm not letting it sink beneath the surface ever again. I used to look in the mirror and say, "I look horrible in this shirt. I need to lose weight. I am horrible in this shirt." Now I can look in the mirror and say, "This shirt looks bad on me. I need to get a different shirt." 

Q:  Where do you find inspiration for your daily life/style & for your music?

A:  Almost all of my music and art comes from something that happened to me in the past that made a big impact on my character. It could be a small thing, but it changed my whole life a little bit. I feel most inspired when I'm outside, when I'm in a fort, when I'm surrounded by Christmas lights, or when I have a dog in my arms. I'm inspired by collections. My house is a mess of collections of everything. It's a... little out of hand. 

Q:  What would the perfect day consist of?

A:  Waking up and the sunlight's warm through the window. Donuts and lattes in the morning with my boyfriend/best friend ever. Walking the dog and accidentally finding some magical picnic spot. Discovering a priceless (to me) treasure at a thrift store. Walking back to that spot and picnicking for lunch. Swimming in the river. Dying my hair a new color, and as the color is in my hair I can learn a new song on my ukulele. Drink a margarita. Play Scrabble. Cuddle. Go to sleep.


Check out her music here.

Isnt she adorable?  Thank you Chelsea for sharing, xo.