New Jewelry

Here is a collection of new goodies that went into the shop this week.  Some of the earrings are versions of older ones, maybe with a different bead or earwire.

Ive started packing some boxes last night and today.  I have a feeling this house is not going to be clean and cute again before we leave.  It will just start to look more and more empty and full of boxes.  But that is okay b/c I get to constantly daydream about where Im going to put things in the new house.  James is desperately trying to figure out the internet connection at the new place.  DSL is not available and we are trying to figure out how and what we can use that doesnt take us back to the dark ages of internet connection for our business.  Its been quite an ordeal so far and I hope it all gets worked out soon b/c it sure is becoming stressful.  

Soooo many little details.

Here's to a peaceful evening!