Pretty Hair & House Update

The other day I came across this fun hair tutorial... so when I was getting ready for our meeting with the loan officer on monday I remembered it and was able to quickly do it up like this in time to dash out the door.  It really took about two minutes to do, but looks so sweet like I spent forever on it.  Since its been hard for me all of my life to grow my hair out (i used to always chop it off short and messy) I am learning to have fun with it long.  And Im loving it.

Our meeting went very well.  We signed about 50 papers.  Each step of the process makes us feel a bit closer to the reality of our dream.  Its hard to comprehend on some days, hard to believe it is really happening.  I wont believe it until Im handed the keys and Im standing in the house, hand in hand with my boy.  Then I will breathe a huge sigh of relief and most likely starting dancing or screaming or something wild and crazy.  I cant wait!

Now the time comes in between our work hours, to start packing up boxes of things we dont need on a daily basis.  Im going to try to be super organized about it and label everything and make detailed lists of what each box contains.  Crazy sounding I know, but I have ALOT of stuff, and it will take forever for us to get out of the boxes, so I will need to know where certain stuff is at.  Im glad we will have the next two  months to pack and organize.  I think it will make our transition much smoother.

I cannot wait to do laundry in my own house!!!!!!!!!!!

I made this treasury of things I would love to buy for our new place.  Although I most likely wont be able to get many of them, I will still dream...