More New Spring Pretties...

I feel like the jewelry I have created over the past month or so, has been some of the prettiest yet.  And oh so me.  Spring has greatly inspired me this season with my color palettes.  You can find all of these pretties below in my shop.

The last few days have been spent cleaning and moving.  We have through today to get completely finished at our old house.  There is still cleaning, moving and yard work to be done!  We will both be so happy to be completely done with that part and say our final goodbye to the old house.  I am no longer attatched to it in any way.  After being here in the new house, I have realized just how dark that place was.  And in moving, I have realized, that even after our huge garage sale... I still have way too much stuff.  I will be weeding out once again and letting go of 'things'.  If I have too much stuff for this big house, then I have a problem, ha!  I must learn to let go of some things.

Here's to one LAST long day of cleaning and moving!  It's like the final step of really moving on...