Not Our Day...

Ugghhh... Today was just about the worst day in the whole moving experience.  I posted this photo b/c I should probably just keep it to myself, but... this is real life.  Woke up with a headache.  Then we went to the city today to pick up our table to find out that it was a mistake, and it really wont be here until June.  Total bummer.  But its okay.  Just a big waste of time for all we had to do today.  The worst part of the day was just our general attitude.  James and I were both tired and frustrated and totally did not make a good team today.  We did lots of heaving lifting and cleaning and its super hard to get in there and be motivated when your mood is sour.  Totally not a good day.  Im so tired I could sleep for a week I think.

But, we are all good now.  Came home and made a nice dinner, took a long shower and now Im ready to go lay me down to sleep.  Some days are just like this.  Pretty much not a smile through the day.  How do you relax when you find your self uber stressed and about to explode?  I know we all get that way!  And inevitably when I have days like these, I find myself missing my mother so badly.