The Velvet Chair...

Today we went to visit our friend Shauna of Poor Pitiful Pearl to pick up this rad chair.  Ive loved this chair from the moment I saw it lurking in her product photos, and was so stoked to find that she was selling it!  Funny, as we were leaving I was telling her that Bella would probably take over it, and yep!  The moment I put it in the house, she was all over it, and is still laying in it now, she LOVES it!  I think we are going to have to fight for it...

It was great to see Shauna and catch up, and say one last goodbye to her house.  James played with McCoy, which was pretty adorable... and I got to hold little miss Italia, which melts my heart.

We stopped by 2Tarts bakery to see if I could meet an online friend who works there, but she was not there... but, we couldnt resist trying a few goodies, yummy!

Great day, super tired, ready for bed.  Tomorrow is the day we get the remaining stuff from our old house and clean clean clean.  Quite honestly, not looking forward to it.  But good news, our dining room table came in, so we get to go pick it up tomorrow!!!  Ive never had a dining room table, so Im pretty excited!  The only piece of furniture we have had to buy so far.  (expect for this rad chair above and soon, a sewing table)... Then we will have to save our pennies to get some chairs for it, ha ha!  I think an Ikea trip is definitely in order.