Post College Survival Kit Giveaway...

Time for a fun giveaway from one of my sponsors!  Please just leave a comment below telling me your post college fears to enter...

 College teaches us many things: how to make and support academic arguments, the importance of a room of one's own, that rhyme about beer before liquor.

But college doesn't necessarily teach us how to deal with The Real World.  There are no classes that  cover 401ks, credit card debt, live-in lovers, networking or making friends once you're out of the dorms.  And isn't that a pity?  Four years, fifty thousand dollars and zero courses on how to navigate the next sixty years of your life.

Never fear, friends!  We're here to rectify that.  The Post College Survival Kit is an eight-week ecourse that will teach you the things that college didn't.  Our teachers (Sarah Von, Alex Franzen, Marie Joseph, Sally McGraw and Sarah Storer) are all experts in their fields and bona-fide college survivors.  We're going to talk about loan consolidation and forgiveness, cover letters and internships, grad school, dating, questionable landlords.  We'll cover just about everything you need to know.

The course includes:
* 8 weeks of fresh posts on a private, passworded blog
* 60-page workbook
* 4 Vokle webinars
* a private message board
* 70% less post-college stress (okay, I made that up)"

So the giveaway item would be: a place in the Post College Survival Kit Ecourse (