Mini Date Night...

Last night James and I had a mini date to our local wine bar.  We mostly went b/c our friend works there, although he was too busy to really talk.  It was still really nice to not have to cook dinner and to have an excuse to dress up (and wear my new wedges).  I think this could possibly be my favorite outfit ever.  Soooo me.  And yes, I wore the Doors tshirt, again!   I finally just put it in the wash this morning!  And I still cant get enough of this navajo printed skirt that I thrifted a while back, and of course my belt from Ruche that I wear with everything!  Im considering getting it in plum too b/c I love it so much.  For everyone that commented on my shoes in the last post, I found them on ebay.  I seriously watched them for over 2 months before I went ahead and just got them.  So glad I did!  ...and how adorable does James look in his Skyline Fever owl shirt and plaid button up?  CUTE!!!

We got grilled panini sandwiches, James got his coke & I got a peachy drink, and we shared cheesecake!  Jonny added the little caramel stars for us and I thought it was so cute.  Oh, and the colorful pic of the car window was in the car wash!  I love it when they spray the multi-colored stuff on, so fun!

This has been a good week.  Im happy to have gotten so much done, and had some lovely times with my boy.  For those of you who do not know, the launch for my new line Roots and Feathers is going to be on June 14th, which is my mothers birthday.  Just another way to honor her.  It was James idea, and as soon as he said it, it made my heart so happy.  As much as I am missing her right now, it will be nice to be debuting a part of my creative soul in her honor that day.  This new line really does feel like my roots are coming out.  My true self as a jewelry artist.  I love all of my Violet Bella stuff, but this just feels even more true to myself than before.  Im loving it.  Even if it is not a success, I dont mind, b/c it is purely for my soul's creating.  Its almost like discovering yourself all over again as an artist, and a bit personally too.  So, in 3 more days, let's all celebrate my mother together through this.  She is the one who gave me the 'roots' that i have, and the 'feathers' to fly.  no doubt.

p.s. i love you mom.