Lots of new pretties...

Throughout the week I have been listing lots of adorable little goodies in the shop.  I had one day that I just got really busy and made a bunch of new jewelry, and it was very healing to do so.  Most of them are very simple designs, but they are darling.  I still have a few more to post also.  Nanna, now you can see all of the stuff I made!

Tonite my bestie is taking me to the movies.  Im so happy she invited me out, it will be so nice to just get away for a while and spend some time with her, just us.  We havent had a chance to do that yet.  And we just dont often enough period and Im determined to make that change.  We are going to a theater where we can drink a beer, eat a meal and watch a movie at the same time.  I love it.  It was my parents favorite theater to go to as well.