Monday night groovin'...

Last night was the BEST NIGHT OF MY WHOLE YEAR so far!!!  We had plans to go eat some chili with our friends out in Tarpley.  Their dad makes UUU-mazing chili that he includes chocolate and guiness beer in.  Its off the hook!  We were also having hot dogs.  Yum!  I honestly did not think the night was going to go well b/c I hadnt been feeling good, and I was actually on the verge of tears as we were pulling into their driveway just from being emotional.  But I knew we both needed to get away.  And their house is like our little getaway everytime.  This family is seriously unlike any family Ive ever encountered.  Four kids, all home schooled from ages 9 to 22.  The whole family makes us feel like we are their own flesh and blood everytime we are there.  And their parents hang out with us too, its awesome!  A super kind and generous group of people... I look up to them in many many ways... In a way, they have felt like my other parents lately.

Anyway... after arriving and sitting around and chatting with the girls for a while (and getting a bit of jack and coke in me) I started to loosen up and smile.  They had the music blasting the whole time, so we were almost yelling to talk, it felt like we were in a club.  It was funny b/c they had it on the 'hottest hits' station so I had no idea what was playing!  I recognized one or two songs.  But I got a bit silly with the music anyway and started feeling like dancing.  And at some point, after our amazing dinner, the whole family was in the house and me and the littlest one started dancing.  Then everyone was dancing.  Their dad scooted the coffee table and couch out of the way and we all just busted out two steps, rap moves, and all kinds of dancing.  We kept changing the music channels to everything under the sun.  Everyone danced with everyone.  James even danced with their dad!  I was so out of breath and almost sick to my stomach but I just kept on b/c I was having so much fun.  I dont think Ive had that much fun all year long.  I felt my old self coming out for the first time in a longggg time.  It was grand!  And they are probably some of the only people that make me feel like I can cut loose like that.  Great food, Great friends, Great time!  And, we had the doors open the whole time b/c it felt so good outside!  Almost chilly.  I think that may have had a lot to do with it too!  Things are a changin'...  (or maybe it was because I wore a hat)...

What a blessing others can be in our lives.