Lazy day...

Today was an uber lazy day.  It was my 'girl' time so I was achy and just plain blah all day.  We had 3 engagements that we bailed out on as well.  It was actually nice and breezy out this morning, so I sat on the porch with a blanket, pillow, coffee, oatmeal, book & bella.  We snuggled and sprawled out until it started getting hot out.  Then I basically sat on my butt all day, listed a few things on etsy, made a treasury... Then when James got home we laid on the couch and both passed out for a few hours.  It was quite nice and much needed.  Then I did some more sitting around on my butt.  My butt actually really hurts because of it, ha ha!

And of course the bathtub soak while listening to pandora.  Then getting in trouble later for playing with my phone while taking a bath, oops!  :)
Violet getting daddy lovin'. 
Gosh I think my husband is handsome.  Wow.  Im so happy he let me capture these pics today, its a rarity that I can.

Hoping tomorrow will be a much more productive and hopefully smiley day!