Roots and Feathers excitement...

 Im so excited that I just had to share... my Roots and Feathers etsy shop has made it to the front page of etsy two days in a row!  The fun thing about having a new shop, is that it is new!  Its almost 3 whole months old, ha ha!  Even after my Violet Bella account making it to the front page 44 times and my Photography account making it 31 times, it still feels so exciting every time!!!  I felt the same way for my hubby when his shop made it to the front page too!  Its just plain fun and exciting!  I put these up in widget form so you can actually click around and visit everyone's shops that are in these two treasuries!


And speaking of my Roots and Feathers shop, I have added some new things recently... some may be sold already... and there are more newbies not pictured here.  And more to come!  I have another batch of 'feather in a bottle' necklaces coming soon.