Skyline Fever sneak peek >>>

A little sneaky peeky at the new Skyline Fever shirts about to hit the shop.  Ive been excited about these tops since we got them almost 2 months ago!  We finally got a small batch done.  Its taking longer than usual to get certain things done these days, but that is okay.  I love the short wide loose crop of these tees b/c you can wear them over anything!  I cant wait to layer them over thermals this winter.  And of course, the tee pee is one of my personal favorite designs...

Today was awesome.  I started off in a funk, and then told myself this morning to get out of said funk.  And it worked!  I went into my studio, made a HUGE mess on the floor (and half of the house)... and made some of my favorite pieces of ALL TIME.  I made things I have dreamt about for a while now, and it just finally poured out.  I love love love when that happens.  Its not a feeling you get everyday as an artist.  For me, when I get this feeling, my heart starts racing, my mind is racing, I want to listen to loud music (I chose The White Stripes first self titled album on full volume), and if I talk to someone, its most likely going to be ninety miles an hour.  It is an awesome feeling, that usually only lasts a few hours b/c that is just about all a body can handle.  It was wonderful.  Unfortunately I had to stop to go to the post office, and by the time I returned, it was gone.  But, I have some amazing soul work to be shown for it, and I cant wait to share!  

Oh, and since the last treasuries I shared, I have made two more.  From Dusk Till Dawn and Ombre.

p.s.  giveaway winners should be announced tomorrow :)  xo.