Wishing I could sleep the day away >>>

The other morning I woke up and discovered Bella sprawled out on the couch.  She normally sleeps on a pillow next to my bed.  I think she realized how cozy it looked with all the blankets left a mess on it.  She stayed there all day long.  It was quite cute.  I think she was just soooo comfy she didnt want to move.  I understand why too... I actually slept there last night.  I woke up in the middle of the night with awful girls pains and didnt want to get back in bed.  I sat on the couch for a bit, and then it was time for James to get up for work (4 am)... so I just fell asleep there while he got ready for work.  He brought me pillows, my binky (yes i sleep with a binky) and my teddy bear (yes i sleep with a teddy bear, 3 to be exact).  And Bella slept by my side the whole night.  I actually slept so good and deep on the couch!  I just might sneak out there from time to time, ha ha!
Saturday we went to James brothers baby shower.  It was a nice time full of their family and friends.  We saw people we hadnt seen in years!  I havent uploaded my photos from it yet, just my camera pics of what I wore.  And the cute little outfits below that we gave them.  Along with a few other little things.  I love baby clothes shopping.  I have a feeling Im going to have to be held in restraints when we have a kid...  As much as I love clothes, itty bitty tiny ones are just even cuter!  And Im just as picky with baby clothes as I am my own.  I hate the typical clothes with Winnie the Pooh or cheesy sayings on them.  I just dont think I could even put them on my kid... (just my personal whacky thing - no offense to those of you who do).  I cant wait to make baby Skyline Fever clothes!!!  How cute is that going to be???

<<< outfit details >>>
pants: Threadsence  (yes ive worn these almost everyday since i got them)
shoes: thrifted red cons
leather braided bracelets: Flourish Leather
bangle: etsy

I snagged some pics of James screenprinting the other day.  He is so darn cute.  He made two new batches of shirts that will be in the shop soon. 

Im not feeling that great at all today.  It will most likely take me the next 4 hours to get out my few packages... Im moving slowly....