Etsy furrrr-ont page >>>

Lately I have been super inspired with my treasury curations on etsy.  Ive been making one almost everyday this past week or so.  And Im so so so excited that two of them made it to the front page.  One yesterday and one today, and two of my favorites!!!  One was for the boys and one for the girls!  A big fat thank you to etsy for choosing my curations!  Only makes me even more inspired to keep on making them.  I love the process of it.  Ive always loved making collages, so this is like a mini virtual collage to me.  This is definitely one way that I find inspiration online.  Much like pinning on pinterest onto little boards.  Except each one ends up being like a little work of art on its own.  Love it. I usually make them in the morning while drinking coffee or at night as a way to wind down.  Its like a little slice of creative me time.


Today we journeyed to the city to grocery shop.  After a bit my bestie is coming over for some much needed time together.  Its my girl day again, so it will be nice to just relax for a bit.  We found some really cute mini pumpkins at whole foods, so we bought one for Bella, Violet and Nico!  All in the appropriate sizes for each of them.  Today was the first day it really felt pretty cool all day.  Feels sooooo good outside.  Time for picnics and bike rides!!!  Now if we could just get rid of whatever is in the air that has been giving me and my boy headaches for days now!