Dead Gypsy Girl >>>

All day long yesterday I was feeling a bit sad that I wasn't going to be dressing up for the first time in my life for Halloween.  I was so busy with my work day, and after being so busy in general all month long, I sort of gave up on the idea of participating in my favorite holiday.  But as the hour approached to leave the house for our annual trick or treating with our friends kids, I couldnt bare it.  I threw together a last minute outfit, and had no idea what I was going to be as I was getting dressed.  But it turned out to be a half decent dead gyspy girl.  My heart was contented as we walked out the door.  Its crazy how unnatural it feels to not dress up.  We enjoyed walking the streets of our home town with our friends, and then bbqing at our other friends house out in the hills.  A good low key but fun evening full of beautiful people expressing themselves in the night.  Love it.  I wore one of my moms headscarves to top the outfit off.  She wore these when she lost all her hair from chemo and radiation.  And my Moorea Seal bracelets and Maie Dae ring were the icing on the cake :)

What did you dress up and do this halloween?