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Yesterday we finally were able to make it in to Whole Foods this month to get some yummy food. It was James day off, which always means errand day.  It was a pretty stressful day.  James was back and forth on the phone all morning with his doctor and insurance companies.  James has a seizure disorder that he has to take meds for on a daily basis.  They are very important pills and something that can not be messed around with.  He has had 4 or 5 grand mal seizures since weve been married and it was just about the scariest thing Ive ever witnessed.  So anyway, this last time he got his prescription filled, they had come out with a generic of his med, so his insurance wont cover the regular ones anymore, but his doctor (who is an excellent doctor) has told us that it is not a good idea for him to take them, especially since its a drug for his brain.  Some generics are completely fine, but some are not so good.  Long story short, if we cannot find a way around this somehow, his pills will go from $60 a month to $800.  Outrageous!  That basically means we would lose our home over this.  But his doctor is fighting it for us and if worse comes to worse, we may have to switch his meds again, which is never easy or fun.  It is so so frustrating b/c its all about making money to these companies.  And since James works at a corporation with a tight hold on their insurance, he cant get his pills filled at other places or hell lose his insurance at work, which is half the reason he stays at that job.  I hate so much that he even has to take these pills everyday, it breaks my heart to know he has to have that stress and worry all time of possibly having a seizure.  Luckily so far, he has always been at home when he has had one, and not driving or something.  This is another thing that tops my list of fears.  I really do think Ill make a post about fear.  Some are legit and some are pretty silly, but Id like to start working through them instead of allowing them to continue ruling me.

Aside from all of that.... I was very happy to wear my new wooden birdie necklace c/o That Vintage.  I have admired this very necklace for quite some time (like a few years) now.  It is so beautiful in person, and it means so much to me now that when I see two birds together, I am reminded that my parents are back together.  Love this necklace.  

When the package arrived I was pleasantly greeted with adorable packaging.  I love her little birdie stamp and touches of twine.  The whole thing was impeccable.  Beautiful.  Sophie Hill is an amazing artist.

Id also like to announce the winner of the That Vintage giveaway!!!
Lauren from Of The Freckled Kind