My love for this community >>>

First of all, Id like to say thank you so much for all the love and support you all showed me on my last few posts.  Its been one of those weeks, and its so nice to know there are people near and far who are right by my side through it all.  I wish so bad I could be friends with more of you in real life.  Real, honest and loving friends are hard to come by these days it seems.  You guys made me feel hugged and loved yesterday.

I woke up feeling a bit better today.  Its friday, and I had just a few work things I 'had' to do and got them out of the way.  Im going to treat this weekend like a real weekend.  I just got a reading done by Julie this week and Im excited to go through some questions and really do a bit of soul searching. (these are exclusive to violet bella readers this month)  I have a lot of lessons in  letting go to work through.  With losing family, losing friends, and losing the idea that I can do it all with my work.  Among many more 'losses'.  Im so thankful that so many of my amazing sponsors, artists who I support and support me, have become friends, little needed guides on my journey of life and people whom I can share with.  Its truly become a piece of community for me each month and Im so thankful I keep getting such awesome people to share this with.

I have been finding myself lately so excited to accessorize everyday with handmade items from other artisans.  I quite often wear my own jewelry, but lately Ive had some of the prettiest jewelry made by others come into my life.  Yesterday I wore my wooden painted necklace by Nanoukiko along with Moorea Seal's leather bracelets.  I think so highly of both of these girls.  Natacha and Moorea both not only have amazing collections of high quality original work, but they both have insanely good business ethic and heart along with amazing photography to back their work up.  They both possess everything I look for in a good artist.  Im honored to wear their work each time I do.  This necklace is simply cool.  I love the mix of wood, chain, string and paint, along with tassels.  Just a super cool necklace.  And these leather bracelets go with every single thing in my closet.  Love.  I got the Laura and the Kelly Ann.  My two favorites out of the collection, and I love the sentiment that I get to wear my 'namesake' bracelet along with my dear friend Kelly Ann's 'namesake' bracelet, how cool is that?  (just sharing all these links gives me such a sense of community...)  And of course, I wore my new favorite Skyline Fever shirt!  Love love love. 

Along with gorgeous work, Natacha has beautiful eye catching wrapping that makes you not even want to open it up!  So so pretty.  Love this girl.

My boy is off work today and Im going to help him out with making some tshirts.  I love doing this with him.  I think we might just go grab some lunch in town since we have to go to the post office.  And I think Im going to make lasagna for dinner along with some fresh baked garlic spread.