Time out >>>

Friday I allowed myself some real me time.  I worked on writing and answering some questions mulling around my heart.  I played with Violet and Bella outside.  We layed on the ground.  We had fun with my glasses.  We took pictures.  (when i say 'we', I mean me and the furry ones)  I even broke out my hula hoop.  It was very rejuvenating to say the least.  And Im not quite done with my 'me' time just yet.  Im about to head out with my bestie for a day together.  I cannot wait.  Its been almost 2 months since weve spent any real time together, this is much much needed and way long overdue.  Then tomorrow, cross my fingers, Ill be attending yoga and having friend time with another girlfriend.  And then possibly even seeing my hubby's family and new baby nephew.  I really really hope that all happens.  And Im planning a trip into town to see my family.  I can only go so long...

Thank you for this little blessing of learning and letting go.  And healing.  Lots and lots of healing to come.