Date Night at Antone's >>>

Last night was such a grand night.  We drove up to austin to see some of our favorite musicians play at Antone's.  The only sad part was our 3 friends who were suppose to go with us couldnt make it b/c they were sick.  We missed them so much!!!  But James and I still had a stellar time!  Im not going to show the whole outfit post I had planned b/c last minute ( I mean 30 seconds before walking out the door) I changed.  Its that crazy time of the month all of us girls have when nothing seems to feel right, ya know?  So I had a last minute change of heart.  So this adorable shirt you see below that my boy made, did not go to austin last night :)  But I DID still wear all of those freakin amazing bracelets you see below!  Spiral Drift, Moorea Seal and Flourish Leather outfitted my wrists to the nines!  Im so in love with my new one from Spiral Drift, the moon and sun carved one.  You can get one just like it here.

Back to the show.  The lead singers from 5 of our favorite bands did a solo acoustic set at Antone's last night.  It was an amazing intimate laid back show.  Pretty much ones of the best shows Ive been to.  These are all bands that James and I mutually share a deep love for, which was awesome.   Evan from Into It. Over It., Chris from Saves The Day, Ace from The Early November, Anthony from Bayside and Matt from The Get Up Kids.  We didnt realize Matt was on the tour, so it was an added bonus.  Weve seen Saves The Day several times, but I always love the small time acoustic sets the best, and he played lots of oldies that were special songs when James and I started dating.  I was mostly excited to see Bayside, a band James introduced me to, and I fell way more in love with than he.  I listen to their acoustic album allll the time.  I felt like a giddy little teenager when I got him to sign my cd, ha ha.  Like I thought my heart was going to pound out of my neck!  So silly.  James was very excited to see Ace Enders acoustic, he has seen him with the band, but this was sooo different.  He told awesome stories.  We missed the first part of Evan's set which made us sad, but what we heard was awesome and he seems super sweet.  I listen to a huge Into It. Over It. mix that James made me all the time as well.  Matt Pryor was good solo, weve seen before with the band, but its always nice to be close enough to see the sweat drip into their eyes :) Oh and we got some yummy food cart pizza after the show.  Always nice to be able to walk out of a place at almost midnight and be able to grab some food.  You do NOT see that where we live.  It was the first time going a long distance in my car, with no ac & no music player.  James talked the entire way home like he always does, ha ha.  My phone pics came out so bad, so Ill spare you and just post two, Chris and Ace.