Hospital Update >>>

I have just a minute to post a little update...  The past 3 days Ive been in the city with my Nanna while her sweet husband is in the hospital.  He is not doing very well at all.  Today was really rough.  They have him using a full time oxygen mask that he just cant hardly stand to have on, so we spent all day long trying to get him to keep it on so he could breath.  Its so very hard to see such a strong big man be at the mercy of these machines.  I wont go into too much detail for lack of energy, but will stay posted as often as I can. 

I was going to go home one day to try to take care of my sponsor stuff and all of my shipping, but I dont think I can leave him, not yet.  So anyone who has paid to be a sponsor for march already... I will be canceling all of those spots for lack of time.  I can refund you when I get back home, or we can roll it over into April.  If you want to roll it to April I will keep your same spot!  Im so so so sorry!  Please email me to let me know what you would prefer.  I wont be able to refund you until I get home, which Im not sure when that will be.  I ask for your patience and forgiveness.

I pray tomorrow goes a bit better.  It honestly is at the point it could easily go either way.  He is such a sweet sweet man and this just breaks my heart.  And if this isnt enough, Jame's best friend lost his grandfather tonite.  Another sweet sweet man.  My heart is just breaking.  Goodness this is the hardest part of life and Ive seen just about enough of it.