NEET Magazine Feature >>>

Im so excited and honored to announce that my babies and I are featured in NEET's latest issue.  I have been a long time fan of NEET magazine and the indie artists they highlight.  I must say, this must be my favorite issue of all time!  So so many amazing artists in this issue, and so many styles that are right up my alley.  Not only that, but many other adorable bloggers and their very sweet pets!  Im kind of speechless that they chose my photo for the cover.  Violet, Bella and Nico are stars!  I was also very excited to see some friends and peeps and I admire in it as well, including Moorea Seal (my favorite indie jewelry designer), Emma Chapman from Red Velvet, and the beauty fashion blogger I highlighted not too long ago from A Bevy Of.  Killer lineup! 

*see page 64-68 to read the interview*


After this crazy week Ive had, this was the biggest highlight Ive had.  I was so excited to share it with my Nanna.  As for an update with my grandfather, he is still in the ICU and not much has changed.  His stats are a little better each day, but not by far.  Its a little hopeful, but scarily not at times.  Ive come home for just a little bit.  We had a funeral viewing to go to today and then the graveside funeral is tomorrow.  Jame's best friend lost his grandfather this week.  Our grandaddies were in the ICU at the same time.  

After the viewing today we decided to hop over to the wine bar to get some grub so I wouldnt have to cook dinner.  To our surprise, our friend Jonny let his family know we were there since they were in town, so they came and joined us!  Jonny, Jen, Tia, Rose, Carin and Mom, we love you and are so grateful for you!  Jonny, thank you for that wonderful surprise!  We had such a nice time chatting.  Made my night and made me feel at home.  

Tomorrow after the funeral we will go to my bestie's little girls b-day party.  Its going to be an awesome one!  Cant wait to see them all.  Then Im going to see if I can package up all of my orders that came in while Ive been gone and tie up some loose ends before I go back in to be with my Nanna again.  As sad as its been, I have loved having this time with my Nanna and Im so happy Ive been able to be by her side.  She is one of my best friends in this whole world.  She gets me.  And loves me.  

Thank everyone who has reached out to me this past week, its means so much to me to know you are all lifting us up in your prayers or in loving thoughts.  We will take all we can get during this rough time. 

If you go look at the NEET feature let me know what you think!  This was about the FUNNEST interview Ive ever done!  I love my babies.