NEET Magazine Photos & Extras >>>

These are some of the pics they used in the N.E.E.T. magazine feature, along with a few outakes.  I thought Id share them bigger since they are a bit small in the mag.  It was so much fun doing this little shoot with Violet and Bella.  Bella was not too thrilled but she hung in there.  Im kind of surprised I managed it all by myself, besides my tripod being a little crooked, they came out great!  I also got some of the best photos of Nico, our lovebird then ever before. 

Ill be going back to my Nanna's for a while, so Ive put together several pre-scheduled posts that will be coming up.  A few things I had ready to post before I left.  Also, Ill be leaving my shops open while Im gone, we just really cant afford to close them down for so long right now, so shipping will take up to a week right now.  Please be patient if you put in any orders.  Thank you!