Self Love Smoothie >>>

Today is Valentine's Day. All the people James works with think he is a crazy liar when he tells them his wife does not want anything for valentines day. Im honestly just really not a fan. I definitely think its a major over commercialized holiday, and we personally choose not to put too much recognition into it, and would much rather show that kind of love everyday, throughout the year. Im definitely not anti love!  So, for this Valentine's Day I decided to practice some self love, since it is Self Love Awareness Month.  I keep my fridge stocked with all of the yumminess to make awesome smoothies all the time... but, I let myself get lazy in actually making them most of the time.  So today, Im changing that.  I made one of the best smoothies Ive ever made too!  I love how smoothies are soooo versatile with whatever you happen to have on hand.  Its fun making them different everytime. 

Today I used coconut milk, raw organic coconut, orange juice, flaxseed, mineral water, grapes, dandelion, sunflower sprouts, spinach, frozen strawberries, banana and mango.  Yum!!!

Later today Ill be sharing with you a 30-day yoga challenge a dear friend of mine has set up.  There will be 4 or 5 bloggers who will be reaching out to anyone who want to joins us for a month long run of practicing yoga daily.  (you can insert anything you want besides yoga.  ill be doing a split yoga/hooping practice).  Ill share more details with you later on how to join us in this fun self love quest!