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Some days are just meant for jeans and a tee.  All day Ive felt like my sickies are trying to come back.  So after I got done with my massive packaging affair, I took a shower and decided to get dressed for the day to maybe feel a bit better.  Im not lay-on-the-couch sick... just that feeling of my body desperately trying all week to get sick.  You know, the pre-sickies.  So, days like these, I go for my favorite broke in jeans and a comfy loose tee.  Since its still a bit chilly out from our cold front, Im wearing this adorable cable knit newsboy hat from Three Bird Nest.  You can find one just like it here.  Her shop is full of other cuties worth checking out too!

Time for another emergen-c and some hot tea.  And since the sun has shown its beautiful face today, maybe some time sitting beneath her.