Sponsorship Changes >>>

The times are a changin'...  Popping in to let you know there will be some changes to the sponsorship info starting next month.  I have been completely blessed with the amount of sponsors that pour in each month.  It is one of my favorite parts of my blog, to be able to show off other artists that I love and admire.  It has however become a bit more than I can handle each month.  Im having to learn where I need to cut back in my life in order to focus on the more important parts and not get burned out.  But, I do not want to lose this part of my blog that I love so dearly.  So Im changing it up a bit...  I will still have all of my sponsor spots available, and have only one large feature post per month.  This spot will have the opportunity to have a solo post/giveaway.  All other spots will have exposure from their buttons.  You are more than welcome to include a discount code right on your button for your shop.  And I will not limit the amount of any of the sizes except the XL solo spot.  So this opens it up to those of you I have had to turn down b/c of size limits.  

I will still give the opportunity to include items in my outfit posts.  If you are a sponsoring shop and would like to send me something to incorporate into a post please email me with your inquiries.  I will limit these to a few per month, and it must be something I would normally wear.

I understand this may cut back my sponsors drastically by not having the big group shout out & giveaway posts, but I feel this is something I must do for my own sanity.  I love so much to be able to provide all of the extra goodness, but I must also learn to balance and take care of myself.  Its a learning process, just like everything else.  I hope everyone understands. 

For more information on sizes and stats, visit my sponsor info page here.