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Hello Sunday.  Just popping in to share a little outfit collage from a few days ago.  Another day I just wanted comfort but still wanted to have some style.  I think leggings and one of my hubby's tshirt dresses from Skyline Fever are the perfect base for this.  I could pretty much layer on top of that with anything.  This lovely necklace is a newbie Roots and Feathers necklace that will hopefully be making its way into the shop soon.  I have lots of creations just sitting here waiting for the time to be uploaded. 

Lately Ive been feeling like Im pulled in 100 directions at once.  I have big wholesale orders Im working on, along with lots of little ones that are flooding in for springtime.  I NEED to do my taxes, like now.  My head is dreaming of a new lookbook, and a whole new look for the blog.  Im reorganizing my thoughts about my blog in general.  Im working on a fun new blog outreach program.  Im starting my garden.  Im daydreaming about yoga and hooping.  I have letters and gifts that I really want to work on for some special people. 

I think its time I sit down and prioritize this list and focus focus focus until its done.  Focus can be such a hard thing when your head is spinning with ideas.  Springtime naturally releases a creative juice inside of me, and its so hard to tame when I have more important things to attend to.  My sweet boy woke up this morning and brought his alarm clock in my studio so I could hook up my ipod to it to listen to while I work.  I love how he is always thinking of me in these kinds of ways.  So sweet.  So.... its time to put my head down and my butt up, as my Nanna would say, and get to work!