James and the Girls >>>

Last night we decided to grill our dinner on the bbq pit, always a good choice.  The weather was amazing last night.  Lukewarm with a slight breeze, and we had the golden hour light shining on us.  I always end up being the one to take over the grilling... which I like!  I love grilling!  We had chicken marinated in citrus sauce, zuchinni and corn sprinkled with fresh rosemary, and a bit of our leftover alfredo pasta from the night before.  Yummy!!!  James even ate two bites of zuchinni!  I almost couldnt believe my eyes or ears... Afterwards, since our babies joined us outside, we hung out with them for a bit.  I had to run in and get my camera b/c there were just so many cute moments happening!  Its very rare that James lets me take his picture... especially ones by himself like the close up below!  That is almost a once in a lifetime shot, ha ha!  Okay girls... for this post only, I wont get offended if you tell me just how hot my hubby is!!!  I think he could hear it from someone other than me once in a while, so if you think so, go ahead and say so below :)  Every man could use a little reassurance now and then, right?  (healthy reassurance that is...) 


Its the last day to reserve a sponsor spot on the blog for May.  The XL spot is sold out, and the rest are filling up quickly!  Im very excited to share some new lovelies with everyone next month... good ones!

Ill be announcing the winner of the Crazy Jane Knits giveaway by this evening or tomorrow... So if you have not entered, its your last chance!  Dont forget she has a coupon code just for my readers for this month only, two days left to use it!  Use the code 'violetbella' at checkout in her shop for 25% off anything!

I added a few new things in Roots & Feathers last night, and plan on adding more as I can each day, so stay posted.