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Im so excited to share today's outfit post!  This shirt has been a week in the making since I didnt have time to do it all at once.  I was inspired by Jill's tutorial here, but used another method.  I cant find the original source now, but it was a simple tutorial on how to use glue.  I started off with a plain white shirt, wrote my Joni Mitchell lyrics with the glue, let it dry a few days (only b/c I was busy), then dyed it with rit dye with an ombre effect.  I love the peachy color it came out.  Then I cut the tee to make it cute with a hi-low rise on the bottom, scoop neck and tulip sleeves.  My new favorite summer shirt, and I want to make a million of them now!  Id love to have a shirt making party with some friends!  Im going to try Jill's bleach method next on a black shirt!

Moorea Seal has made me fall madly in love with these earrings of hers!  I love the 3D look.  They are so modern but still feel so feminine.  Simple perfection! ...And I used one of my favorite O Bella Organics headwraps as a belt with this outfit... LOVE.  Such a versatile little piece.  This one is the plum colored one.

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shirt // handmade
cords // threadsence
earrings // moorea seal
bracelets // forever 21
shoes // blowfish shoes

I am still in my highly inspired spring mode.  Behind the scenes Ive been working on alot.  I have a super rad collaborative project in the works, Im still busting out new pretties for Ruche and Threadsence, Ive made some adorable dreamcatchers going to good homes (and want to make more for the shop soon), I made some new things yesterday that just make me want to squeal, and have two new styling invitations that Im very thrilled about coming soon.  This is why I love spring.  Although I tend to get so into what Im doing I can miss out on the fun life outdoors.  Which means if the project will be okay outside, then I need to take it on my porch to work on it!  

Other exciting news is that James wants to start going to yoga!  So we are planning on going to my alltime favorite evening classes by my oh so adored yoga teacher.  Ive had to miss about 7 weeks of yoga class now since we only have one car.  Im so thrilled he is finding interest in it.  Ive always wanted to do yoga together, I hope it really happens.

Time to go get busy, and listen to some good tunes and daydream while I do.