Oh My Mama - Conceptual Photoshoot >>>

First the first time in a very long time today... I created some photowork straight from my soul and just for me.  So often lately the only time Im taking photos is of my jewelry, or for a lookbook for my jewelry, or an outfit post.  Although I love all of those, sometimes my soul just craves more.  More of the rawness I had when I first fell in love with photography.  The kind of works I use to do before I had to focus on my work so much.  Ive mentioned on here a few times that I have wanted to, but today, I finally just stopped what I was doing and went for it.  To be honest, I played hookie from work today.  Sometimes as an artist, when you feel that stirring in your heart, you just have to go with it.  

These photos are simple at heart.  They express bits of my yearning for my mom.  All of the elements used were pieces of her... Things that came from her home, that were dear to her heart, and are now oh so dear to my heart.  I couldnt help but think of one of my favorite songs by Alela Diane, called Oh My Mama, so I thought Id share it here.  Id recommend pressing play before you start to look at the photos because there are alot of photos.  I dont normally like posts with so many images in one place, but for this, I had to.  Enjoy.   (P.S. Feel free to share these or pin these, but please respectfully leave a link back to here wherever you do.)
Oh! My Mama by Alela Diane on Grooveshark