Happy Birthday Mama >>>

Dear Mom,

Happy birthday!  You would be turning 57 today.  Can you believe your baby girl is going to turn the big 30 in less than two weeks?  It will be my first birthday without both you and dad.  Dont worry, Ill surround myself with some good souls.  You taught the value in good friends, and Ive made a few.  I spent the morning sitting by the window, working on a special custom order gypsy flag while listening to Joni Mitchell.  Just about the best way I can honor you I think.  Im about to make a cheesecake too.  Although really, thats just for me since I was always the one that wanted cheesecake for my birthday.  Your favorite was carrot cake, so for lazyness sake, I think Ill stick with the cheesecake.  ...Its hard not to think of you and wish wish wish.  Wish you could see my house, and all my creations, and what a beautiful man my husband has become, and all the ways Ive grown up these past 4 years... etc etc.  That feeling will never go away.  I guess my biggest wish is to know that you and dad are somewhere celebrating together this wonderful day that you came onto the earth.   I love you to the moon and beyond, farther than reality can conceive.

Laura Lou