I am so completely grateful and blessed for the love that was shared in our shops this weekend.  Thank you so much to everyone who purchased something during the black friday/cyber monday sales!  I was overwhelmed with gratitude from the response.  Ive been a busy bee all weekend, yesterday (and today) preparing everything to be sent on its way.  I'm so happy to see the handmade community flourish like this.  Not just with me, but so many other artisans out there.  (I know not everyone made sales this weekend, and I hope this isn't discouraging if you didn't... don't give up!  Persistence is key!  Keep on doin' what you love!)...   *the beautiful drawing above is something my mom made a very long time ago*

I'm excited to celebrate by hanging out with my bestie tonite!  It's been weeks since I've seen her and I'm about to go bonkers without her!  

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