I'm excited to post this outfit post today, for a number of reasons... The biggest one being that I was even able to do something extracurricular like take photos of my outfit today.  My days have been spent doing nothing but sitting in this computer chair, editing and working on the collective.  Im not even joking.  The breaks I have taken are for eating and peeing, with the occasional 'freak out' I have do to something else before I go insane

After going to bed last night almost in tears... I got a migraine in the middle of the night.  Not really to my surprise b/c its almost my moontime, which migraines come with the territory for me.  But then I woke up this morning still with it, and then... my computer would not turn on.  I tried for a few hours to get it to turn on, and I was convinced it was fried.  (insert total freak out crying melt down).  Yep, that was me this morning.  Luckily, I have a husband with magic fingers, and when he got home from work, he pressed the button and it turned on without a problem for him.  Figures.  So after a big sigh of relief, I got to work.

BUT, I had a few hours in between!!!  So, I actually took a shower, fixed my hair, put on makeup and got dressed!  (something that hasn't happened all week, which can start to make a girl feel like blah).  I needed to take photos of James new shirts for Skyline Fever, so I did that.  I swept my house (gasping at how dirty it was) and cleaned my kitchen.  Then I took my photos!  This was one of the most transitional outfits ever.  I lounged around the house in these leggings and long tee, and then just put on shoes and a jacket to go out and it turned it into a great outfit!  I will be planning more wardrobe pieces like this.  Way too easy.  Then once my computer was on again, I edited tons of photos of new jewelry for the shop, along with other many other photos.  So what began as a meltdown morning, ended up being a very productive day in other ways.  And I must say, it felt pretty darn good to feel clean and pretty after this week. 

outfits details:  headband - nanoukiko // jacket c/o  sheinside // shirt - handmade by me // leggings - f21 // boots c/o blowfish shoes

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