A collection of my favorite posts from this year.  I love looking back and seeing how things have changed and grown in one years time. 

1. Hitting our one year mark in our new home!  I love looking at these photos and seeing how things have changed so much already.

   2. Introducing The Bohemian Collective.  So amazing to see how far its come in less than a year!

3. Creating a sacred space with lots of intention.  The one place in my house I have not wanted to change around since creating it.
4. This post I wrote recalling my journey of the past few years up to that point.  Reading back on this now that it has been almost an entire year, I can see where my journey from there has lead me to here.  Love being able to look back on these places in my blog like this.

5. Getting my half sleeve finished!  And this is my favorite outfit post of the year. 

6. Saving this yellow billed cuckoo.  This little guy taught me alot and opened a new place in my heart.

7.  This was my favorite art piece I made all year long.  It was a custom for Alana of Run With The Tribe.  I feel honored that this hangs in her creative space.

8. I learned so much more about my relationship with James this year.  I loved this post where I talked about our spiritual differences.  This boy is so good to me!

9. My favorite diy project I did this year.  I upcycled these old shorts with the prettiest of patches and stitches.
10. Spending time with Robin was a big highlight of my year.  I only wish it happened more often!

11. Also being able to have a few visits from Katelyn!  And being able to take these beautiful portraits of her.  Im so glad we got some wonderful captures of her with her dreads since she recently shaved them all of!  Brave woman.

12. Releasing the Mystic Moon lookbook.  This was by far my favorite one weve created so far.  And it was so fun to have my friend Gina be a part of it!

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