Remember by blog post about finding crystals and fun books at a local thrift store?  Well these are the babies I found.  I was over the moon to find these little (or not so little) gems in my hometown.  I charged them under the full moon in Cancer two nights ago.  Aren't they just beautiful?


If you had read that post, you might remember me vaguely mentioning a velvet chair that I wanted but made myself pass up?  A few days later, I was tagged in a photo on facebook from a sweet friend, with this photo!  What???  I have the most ridiculously sweet friends in the whole world.  If you can't read the sign, its says 'SOLD Merry Christmas!!!  James & Laura, from Santa'.  Santa is one pretty cool dude if you ask me!


A few weeks back I bartered with the sweet girl from

Essential Well Beings

on etsy for this

Chakra Balancing oil set

.  They are so wonderful.  When my friend Katelyn was visiting, we used her

DoTerra oils

for this and it was heavenly, so after that I'd had my eye open for a set like this.  I loved all the information these oils above came with, and not just the oils.  And knowing that they were blended handmade with love and intention.

Speaking of Katelyn, her lovely blog has moved, so you must go visit her in her

new online home

.  She has been sharing some profound soulful posts that might make you smile and cry all at the same time.  Im loving the journey she is on, its been a beautiful thing to watch through the entire transformation.  She inspires me and gives me hope.  And I bet she will do the same for you.

We are also working through the chakras right now in The Chakra Cupboard, an online course I'm taking with Laura Emily from

Good Earth Living

.  where we are learning to nourish, grow and heal through our cupboards in our kitchens with love and intention, revolving around our chakras.  Sometimes just having something like this to back us up and propel our decisions around food can make all the difference.  I know I need all the help I can get in that area... Its a weakness of mine that I'm constantly learning to change and grow.   I got a bit of cash from my Nanna for christmas and I'm super excited to be spending it on a food processor... something Ive been wanting for years now but have never bought myself.  I think it is going to help me alot in the kitchen.  I'm so looking forward to it!  (thanks nanna!!!)

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