Some snippets from our christmas.  I know Ive been posting alot of instagram photos as of late... Through not feeling well and being busy with the holidays, I haven't taken alot of real photos.  So for those of you who follow me via instagram, sorry for all the repeats.  

We went to my Nanna's house christmas eve to spend the night.  We had a very nice dinner at my aunt's house.  It was a great kickstart to hanging out with the family for the holidays.  Good food, good music, good vibes.  Christmas day was a little low key this year, as I think we were all a bit tired.  I myself had a tummy bug or something that had lasted almost a week and was feeling super drained, so it may of just been me.  But it was still a nice time with the family.  Violet came with us for the first time in about 4 or 5 years.  She acted the exact same way she did years ago.  She was so pleased to be there and wagged her tail the entire time.  When we first got there, we left her with Nanna's little dog while we went to dinner at my aunts, and when we came home we found her up in the back bed with all of her toys and a few of Amber's in bed with her.  Just like I knew she would.  The first christmas she spent at Nanna's, she took every baby that she and every other dog got for christmas and snuck them up in the bed with her.  Little hoarding thief I have :)  She does the same at home with her favorite babies.  She has them all in a pile next to her bed in the closet.  So so cute.  

That evening we came home and vegged on the couch and watch Christmas Vacation, our yearly tradition.  It never gets old.  And I had some coffee in the cute owl mug my brother got me for christmas.  And Bella was soooo happy we were home and got super silly with me on the couch.  Oh, and James got me the Maryink sweater I wanted for xmas!  Love it!  And, I made my first batch of homeade granola for my cousin.  Not the best, but Im excited to dig in and try new creations!  And the wrapped present above was from my 5 year old nephew, sooo cute!
I hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday season.  Im so looking forward to this new year.  It is full of so many good vibrations and new visions.  Can't wait to explore through it.  Enjoy the full moon in Cancer today!  

Today is my Nanna's birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANNA! Feel free to leave her some birthday wishes below!  xoxo

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