The other day James and I took a break and went over to his parents and went for a hike in the creek.  This is where he grew up, his stomping grounds... Its a sacred place for him and I love being able to explore that with him.


We found so many trees with holes.  I have such a thing for trees with holes.  They are fascinating to me.  I took a pic of James with the creek behind him and the back of his families restaurant. 


Its hard to tell in the photos above, but the little black spots in the water were turtles heads poking up.  I love that turtles teach the lesson of patience b/c you really do have to be patient to try and get a photo of one of these guys.  They are so sensitive to sound and movement and wont show themselves if they sense something out of the ordinary.  Even from as far away as I was...


I love this photo of James above so much.  This place has such magic in it.  We had quite an adventure after this relaxing part.  We were off to the side gathering sticks when to guys came running down to the creek, and they kind of freaked us out, so we hiked up the cliff real quick... to then realize we were on someone else's property and needed to hike back down.  It was a crazy dangerous hike back down where we chose to come down... And we found a opossum cave along the way!  We didn't realize that is what it was until we got home and could research the poop.  Yep, the poop.  All we saw was a crazy cave in the side of the cliff with a HUGE mound of odd looking poop underneath it.  I imagined all sorts of crazy things living in it while I had to scale the cliff across it.  (kind of really freaked me out). 


We found lots of treasures... Including a huge opossum jaw set!  Way far away from the opossum home we found.  Ive had opossum come up for me alot this month, and for very good reasons.  If you missed it, Marissa shared about Opossum's in her latest Lunar Animal series on the boho blog.

It was a good escape with my boy.  I love these times with him so much.  My favorite.  I'm wishing I was out in the woods right now while I feel myself start to stress out about the fact I have yet to do my taxes.  Sigh... My goal was tomorrow, and it looks like Im not going to make that goal.  I need to find the focus to just sit and do it!!!!!!

Do any of you etsy sellers have any tax strategies or programs you use?  I signed up for one and never was able to figure out the website or get anyone from it to respond to me, after paying for it.  Bad choice.  I would love to find a program that imports all of your sales and expenses and figures up all your totals for you, so if you know of a good one, Id love to know! xo