011 (2).JPG

1. Frida painting by Erica Herbert
2. Candles at bathtime
3. Bella Rosa
4. Texas sky
5. Salmon and pasta dinner prep
6. The most amazing mirror that my daddy made
7. Violet Mae
8. Special fabrics
9. House plant
10. Psych

These pieces of home features are by far some of my favorites.  Home is such a dear place to me, and I'm so happy I have all of these photos of it to one day give to my children.  I love looking back at my parents old homes and seeing where they came from. 

My friend Katelyn came and left so fast!  They got here tuesday evening.  Just enough time to have dinner and chat a bit before going to bed.  Then they left wednesday around noon so they could get home by nightime.  I think it was the shortest I've seen her at one time and it felt like a tease!  But none the less, it was so good to spend a bit of face to face with her and her family.  She brought me some very special gifts, and we got to talk a bit more in depth about what is going on in our hearts.  Although I have a feeling those convos could of gone on for days. 

We are all working on the next KV Moon Phase Report, as this full moon is a wild one!  Full of energy.  I'm excited for some of the things these wonderful girls will be bringing to the table this time around.

We got our big shipment of shirts in for the new spring line for Skyline Fever this week!  Yesterday I laid everything out and decided which designs are going on which shirts.  We will be releasing 5 or 6 brand new designs in this line!  As well as bad ass new styles.  I can't wait for it to all manifest.  It may very well be several weeks out though.

I'm also working on putting together two different mini lookbooks for The Bohemian Collective, as well as one for Roots and Feathers.  ALOT of stuff is going on in the background over here. 

And um.... I still need to do my taxes!  Holy crap.  That has to happen in the next few days.  There needs to be way more hours in a day.  I'm tellin' ya.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in my spring sale!  It was a great success and so so needed on my end financially.  Thank you for the blessing.  Today will be filled up with making and packaging orders!

Don't forget there is an awesome giveaway going on for a FREE pair of BLOWFISH shoes, right here.

On a more personal note... my heart is filled with love and ache for two dear friends who are in the midst of suffering great losses.  If you could just take a moment and send out some love to them, and anyone else in the world who is going through the stages of losing someone.  From personal experience I know it is the hardest thing in the world to go through.  I hate that we all have to experience it in some way during this lifetime.