The day my friend Katelyn was making her way to my house, I had a little meeting with this beautiful moth.  When I first saw it, it was buzzing around so quickly, and I was on the phone with James, I couldn't tell if it was a moth or an exotic hummingbird of some kind.  So I thought it was very fitting when I looked him up to find it is a hummingbird moth, ha!  It was the prettiest thing.  And it just flitted around like I was not there.  I was so happy it let me get close enough to photograph it in action.  A magnificent creature.  And so fitting it came to me that day, because my friend Katelyn's animal spirit is a moth, hence her company, Gypsy Moth Sol.

And then I noticed my friend Lauren posted about Moth the same day.  Check it out here.  A little moth serendipity working its magic.