A few weeks ago I had an ayurvedic tea consultation with Lindsay Holt of Whole Body Alchemy.   I honestly had no idea how in depth this would be, and how truly rewarding.  After filling out a questionare, Lindsay sent me a 4 page evaluation of my particular dosha, along with several tips on self care, diet and lifestyle to bring it into balance.  My initial reaction to reading what she wrote, was the same way I relate to my personal astrology.  I felt a deep connection, as if I was truly reading something written specifically about me.  I have looked into Ayurveda several times in the past, but never went too deep into it.  This simple tea consultation has changed my enthusiasm about it full force.


Her word chosen for me was Stillness, which could not have been more perfect.  Over the past few months, I have had sign after sign telling me that I need to quiet myself, go within, and meditate more often.  My brain is always fleeting from thought to thought and project to project, and sometimes its hard to make myself feel grounded and come back down.  I felt the word was so in tune with all the messages I have been receiving recently. 


Who doesn't like rosemary and sage?  Just a sweet little extra she sent me.    As well as the yummiest smelling soap below from her shop.


The tea itself could not of been a more perfect blend for my personal taste preferences.  It is literally, THE PERFECT TEA for me.  It consists of chamomile, lemongrass, tulsi, spearmint, orange peel, fennel, jasmine flowers and rose petals.  Its divine.  Tastes just as beautiful as it looks.  And the ritual she created to go along with the tea is simply beautiful, and so spiritually honoring.  I'm going to keep that part private, but if you get a consultation for yourself, I know you will love this part, whatever your ritual may be.  The wonderful thing is, the overall consultation is very affordable, and you can always get refills of just the tea when you run out!  Just check out the section on her site that says Tea Consultation for more info on how to get your own consultation.  It is so very worth it!  I feel like it has allowed me to connect with myself on a deeper level, which I always love. 



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