Today two of my soul sisters, two women who I adore with such depth, are both releasing their new nests online.  Rain has been working hard for the past several weeks designing and developing both of their new sites, and I could not be more proud of her.  I just want to weep with joy for both of them.  And the e-course they are cooking up together is going to be insanely divine.  I cannot wait to take part in it.  They are currently offering an early bird sign up for Soulsigh - A Sacred Blessingway until June 15th.  Even the name of the course makes me weak in knees.  I will be contributing a guest post for the course and Im wildly excited about it!

tree joy 4 soulsigh.jpg


Rain's new home is called Spirit Soul Earth.  How divine is that?  This girl has shown me how to love myself more deeply.  She has shown me how to receive.  She speaks to the hardest to find crevices of my soul, long forgotten places that Ive neatly tucked away in domesticated life.  She gently reminds me through her words of the layers of myself that are soaked with wild spirit.  And her voice... I can't even tell you what her voice does to me...  Go see her spirit for yourself in her new home. 

light 1 (1).jpg


Denise's new home is Fae Soul.  In a way it feels like her finding her home again after a long journey through the woods of Boho Girl.  This beautiful woman reminds me that I always have a soft place to land.  She gives me gentle reminders of the sweetness of everyday life, including the messes and the pain.  Her voice is like a warm cup of tea, lavender oil and your coziest blanket all wrapped up around you on a hammock during spring.  She is truly a woman I feel safe and real with, which is priceless.

I am so excited and full of joy and anticipation for what these two gentle, wild souls have to offer this world.  Just in the way that I know their hearts, I know its going to be big and pure.