Since the last full moon, I have intentionally been working on 'shedding skins'.  Releasing layers of myself that no longer serve me.  I have quite a few of them.  The ones Im really focusing on are the ones that keep me separated in ways with my husband, or with others I'm close to.  Other layers are ones that keep me wrapped in fear, of oh so many things.  This week I have felt a few of those layers slowly making their way down my body, flaking off here and there as they shed.  I'm learning the shedding process is just that, a process.  For me at least, its not something that can just be ripped off, thrown away, and forgotten.  It's a slow, messy, submergence into the shadow realm of self, followed by a rip by rip by rip releasing of this old skin.  There have even been times I find myself obsessively sewing back together this old skin because it was comfortable and familiar, only to once again rip by rip release it. 

I think this shed snake skin I found in my backyard yesterday was a beautiful reminder of the new life that is being created in me right now as I release these skins.