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Little Laurel Lea graced us with her heart melting presence yesterday at 6:39 pm.  She was a bit at risk, so after about 12 hours of my friend Bird's labor failing to progress, they performed a c-section.  Even though that was not what anyone wanted, we were all happy to have a healthy beautiful baby in our arms.  I hate that my friend has to be in so much pain now though.  But she is a trooper, so I know she can do it. 

I am absolutely in awe over this little one.  She has already planted a new seed of baby fever in me.  I just love her so much.  Just look at that little face!  I took alot of sweet photos of family holding her, but I didn't want to post those here on my blog, but they are on my facebook for the family to see.  It was so sweet watching Bird's dad's face light up while staring at his new grandbaby.  My heart is so full of baby love right now.