OMG I MISS THIS BLOG!  Yep, I do.  The past few days have been sooo busy from my online yardsale I have not even had a chance to come over to this little corner of my world.  What was going to just be a simple 20 something sale, ended up being around 150 items and a whirlwind of a sale!  I feel so blessed!  And Im so glad its over, ha ha.  Online garage sales are just as much work as real ones.  Thank you so much to each person that bought something!  Im saving this money for me and James to be able to go somewhere for our anniversary in September.  We have yet to get away since weve been married, so Im so excited! 

Some photos from my week...

1. me on my way to the post office after the crazy virtual sale.  feeling tired and blessed.

2. this was my paper to keep all the orders straight.  it was filled from top to bottom on both sides of the page!

3. the packages ready to ship!  so happy to release this much stuff from our house.

4. what bella did while i worked.

5. the orchid my nanna gave me finally bloomed!!!

6. my new moon journal from aquarius nation came in!  so excited it got here before the next new moon on the 8th!  such an amazing thing!

7. a huge double rainbow in my backyard after the rain this week.  it was so huge and so beautiful.

8. i have a thing for huge avocado seeds.  just do.