I just wanted to give a big warm thank you to all the love the past two days you have shown me.  From my last post where I talked about my health, and a post I made on facebook, I received countless comments and messages about your concerns, but also your personal experiences with this.  It is amazing to me how many women in my age group (and younger) are suffering from the same symptoms.  Its a real testimate to our culture we are living in and that things need to change.  From a lifestyle and a cellular level. 

I will be sharing my journey here and there, so possible it can help someone else who may be feeling the same way.  Although we all may have different reasons, or different symptoms, we can make steps together to change this cycle.  And change it for our children, or in my case, future children. 

I just really really want to thank each of you who shared your own personal experiences.  It really opened my eyes, and made me feel not so alone.  And really made me want to take a stand for my body.  If any of you know of some really yummy gluten free recipe sites (preferably with photos, I needs them) I would love it!  Also, links to good guided meditations & online yoga (preferably free b/c we are on a tight budget right now) .

Im completely excited to take this upcoming ecourse with Stephanie Perkinson called Sexy, Raw & Radiant, it couldn't of come at a better time.  Im feeling very blessed with it.  She is giving away a free spot in the course over on my giveaway page too!  Go check it out!

P.S. Yesterday I imported The Bohemian Collective's blog over to this site.  So you can now follow that blog all in one easy place.  You will find a tab at the top of the navigation bar that says 'the bohemian collective'.  Under it you will find the blog and lookbooks!  You won't get automatic updates for the blog, so youll just have to check it every now and then, but at least its all in one easy place now.  A new post went up yesterday!