Hello Sweet Ones. I  am so honored to be here in the luscious Roots & Feathers community, sharing a little bit about myself and what I’m about. My name is Stephanie Perkinson, holistic health & lifestyle coach, mama to 2, artist, lover of wildflowers, the scent of beeswax candles and  impromptu picnics. I believe that beauty everyday is non-negotiable and we can find it everywhere from the the gorgeous colors on our plate to the beautiful mess around the bathroom sink.


I discovered my path to becoming a holistic health and lifestyle coach several years ago. It all started because I was tired of looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person I saw. I was overweight and depressed. Nothing felt like “me” anymore, from the way I cut my hair to the clothes I chose to wear. I decided it was time to take a deep breath, stop making excuses and really commit to changing my life.

Committing to change didn’t happen overnight for me, it was about making baby step in the right direction. It was about asking for help.  It was about learning how to say yes to myself. It was discovering how to trust, forgive and love my body during the process. Over time all of that added up to a big, life-changing shift.

I love supporting and showing women what’s possible. I’m so excited about my new e-course, “Sexy, Raw & Radiant”. It's a program that takes a seasonal approach to sustainable wellness. I take everything I’ve learned and share it with you, through support, recipes, and community.

I believe our bodies need time to adapt when we start something new.  This program will show you how to easily add in more yummy raw foods at your own pace, in a way that feels right for you. Together we will gently focus on ways to love up our bodies and ourselves for exactly who we are in this present moment, ultimately helping you to create a more trusting relationship with food.

Spring & Summer are the perfect times to experiment with adding more raw foods on your plate. Fruits and vegetables taste SO GOOD when they are fresh and in season! You hardly have to do anything to them and they taste absolutely fantastic. The menu is filled with variety and designed so anyone can simply add in a little raw to each meal as they go through their day.

I would love to have you join this community of women and say YES to yourself. YES to feeling sexy, radiant, and filled with vitality.

Raw food can be affordable, simple, and delicious. Not sure about that? Well, I am sharing a recipe with you today for our Raw & Radiant Cocoa Bites so you can see for yourself. Just click on the image below to download the beautiful, printable recipe page!

Sexy, Raw & Radiant begins June 3rd. For the gorgeous souls here at Roots & Feathers, I am delighted to offer you $10 off the tuition. Just enter “ROOTS10” when you check out.



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