Hi, I’m Maria Moraca.

I’m a channeler, energy worker, and acupuncturist.

I excel at assisting people who want something for themselves and in empowering them along the way. I’ve been aiding and abetting discerning explorers and seekers since 1996.

Do you want to learn about and liberate old patterns (behavioral, energetic, and soul-level) that affect your potential, your relationships, and your life?

Do you crave an understanding of what drives you? Do you like to dig deep and learn about your subconscious motivators, self-criticizers, and self-sabotagers?

Are you in transition and wondering what comes next?

Are you moving right along at a steady pace, and wondering how to further optimize your achievements, progress and growth?

Then you’re in the right place.

We’ll explore the parts of you that don’t agree with what YOU want. You already know they’re in there – under the guise of fear, lack of productivity, unkind internal dialogue – let’s smoke ‘em out. It’s time for out with the old, in with the new.

It’s not always easy, but it can be graceful.


What is channeling?
I am a conscious, integrated channeler. This type of channeling is a process of allowing a specific entity, who I have developed a relationship with, to use my voice and body to interact with a client. I remain aware during the channeling, however I am “in the background,” so to speak, and the entity is in the spotlight. Check out this blog post for more information as well.

Who do you channel?

I channel an entity named Zurac. He offers a unique perspective when answering questions, and shares information regarding our sometimes unconscious mindsets, beliefs, and patterns of behavior. Zurac is very respectful, his insights are invaluable, and his communication is gentle. You can expect lots of courtesy from Zurac, and precious guidance to help you connect with self, and clarify your path of change and growth for your well-being.

Who can benefit from a channeling session?

Anyone who has questions about where they are taking their life, or an interest in shifting their current life experience.

How do I prepare for a channeling session?

Take a nice, deep breath. Go within you, and take a moment to connect with Self. Ask yourself, what is the most important thing for you to know at this time that can improve your life and your sense of self? What do you need to know at this time to make your life what you want it to be? What do you need to become aware of so you can focus your efforts of change for the outcome you truly want? Consider where you are in your life at this time, and where you’d like to go; the goals and dreams you would like to achieve, the path and the future you would like to create for yourself. Write down your questions. Have them ready for your channeling session. Your questions will be crucial and Zurac will work with your most profound intention.

I do ask that you do not ask questions in lieu of medical advice; nor questions about other people. Zurac respects people’s sovereignty and will not discuss your loved ones’ issues.

What can I expect from a channeling session?

Gentle guidance, combined with suggestions to look within at certain mindsets, beliefs, behaviors or patterns that might interfere with your most profound intention. While Zurac will offer suggestions to help you direct your energies and focus, he will not tell you what to do; you will not hear “you should” or “you must.” Rather, he will attentively respond to your questions without judgement, and with the utmost consideration for the fact you have the power of choice at all times. Here’s a blog post with more details.



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