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outfit details: sweater c/o sheinside (sold out, but there are similar ones here) // fringe top c/o for love of the moon // under shirt - target // shorts - homemade cutoffs // shoes - blowfish shoes (coco) // necklace - roots and feathers (coming soon) // bracelets - ettika + moorea seal // rings - f21 + gifts

I received this sweater a little while back right when it was beginning to get super hot, so Ive been a bit bummed that I just couldn't wear it yet.  But weve had some rainy days lately, and Ive been able to keep it by my side for moments when its cold enough.  I have it stuffed in my bag ready to go to the hospital too for when this baby is born.  I think its just about the prettiest sweater.  I'm sad to see it was sold out, but they have similar ones in cream and pink.  I could of just over looked it though, so it would be worth double checking.  And this fringe top???  Love at first sight.  Sent from the lovelies at For Love of the Moon vintage.  Love their style.  I was so happy I got to break in the Coco sandals from Blowfish yesterday on my moms birthday.  Ever since these were released they have reminded me of my mom.  And its so odd, when I wear them I feel her.  If she were still alive I know Id be sharing all my blowfish shoes with her!!!   

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day.  Missing her.  It wasn't an extremely emotional day, just kind of made me feel blue all day.  Weird how birthdays and other 'landmark' days can do that.   

I had planned on doing a photoshoot for the bohemian collective this week and its been raining everytime weve had a chance.  Its kind of crazy how long this shoot has been delayed for one reason or another.  But soooon Ill be back in action!   

I have some other big daydreams going on up in my head right now.  The kind that is scary b/c of the commitment, time and money that it will take.  So for now its just not in the cards, but Im not going to let the daydream go away.  Has anyone experienced having an Indigogo campaign?  If so, how did it go? 


I recently created a moon dreamcatcher necklace that was going to be just the one, but it was so highly responded to that Ive decided to make some more.  Through today & sunday ONLY, I will take pre-orders for this necklace at a discounted price.  See my instagram photo here or the post on my facebook wall for details.

Today is the last day to enter the New Moon Giveaway